How social media privacy is affecting our personal lives?

However, the social media is revealing the secrets of many which is affecting them negatively. Here are some of the effects of the social media to our personal lives.


1. Provision of information required
Most people get plenty information through the social media. The information on the birthday events, meetings, and the daily events are passed through the social media to the relevant people.  The famous social media used to pass information including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and use of emails. This media apps are providing people with a variety of information more so the people indulging themselves in business activities where various goods are advertised and get promoted. On the other hand, the social media has been a drastic source for the provision of information for the thieves and thus is promoting terrorism. 
2. Location-based service
Social media enables one to locate his current position through the connection of the social media network.  The privacy of this social media has revealed more information on the malicious people in tracking them.  For instance, one can use the personal information in Facebook and use to track his or her email account. Furthermore, online communities who use this social media for business can attract the burglars into the business or at home. Therefore, the use of the social media affects the users live either negatively or positively through the exposition of oneself or properties with the current location.
3. Interconnection of people
Through the use the social media, one can be able to connect with other people with a lot of ease and least cost. People from various parts of the world can communicate and interact with the rest through the best connection of the social media. There is no need of incurring transportation costs since one can communicate face to face with the client. Also, business transactions can be done online where one can buy and sell various goods to the customers. Most of the goods and services can be advertised and promoted online to the target customers and hence can create a wide range of the market. Through interaction, people can encourage dumping of some goods and services to another country and may encourage malicious plans of the terrorists.
4. Decreased productivity
Businesses today use social media apps to advertise, promote and communicate with their customers. As much as there is increased interconnectivity in the business sector, most of the employees have been distracted. Most employees spend much of their time checking on the various posts of the friends in the social media and this distracts them from working efficiently in their fields of work. The Facebook, WhatsApp and even twitter chats collapse most of the employees’ mind while in work from the normal operation of the work. This lowers the productivity of the employee in a given sector of work. This has caused most companies to lose millions of dollars through the concentration of the social media communication which makes the employees to be addicted.
5. Cyberbullying
The social media does not target audience hence can be accessed by anyone. School children have been unscrupulous in accessing the internet based programs which have posted negative impulsive behaviors such as pornographic actions, terrorism, and suicide commitment. 
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