Twelve Sites That Will Put You to Work Now

welve sites that will put you to work nowfinding a job might be tough these days, but finding work is a snap if you know where to look. a number of websites now let workers choose when and where they’d like to work. if you’ve got a spare hour, amazon’s mechanical turk or cloudcrowd will give you tasks such as checking websites for information or translation. pay for general tasks may be only a few dollars per hour, but rates rise for specialized skills. experts with industry-specific knowledge can sign up for consulting gigs with 10eqs or maven research. at maven, experts can set their own rates and many charge $250 to $500 per hour. creative types can make videos at tongal or design logos at 99designs. there are no upfront fees for workers to participate in these sites. some sites do take a small percentage of the fee that's charged for the work done. while most of these websites aren’t geared for full-time work, the income can sure help pay the bills. and then some.


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