Five Things Not to Say to Someone Who Was Just Laid Off

1.) badmouthing the company or boss what not to say: “you’re better off not working for them.”what to say instead: “you did some great things at your previous job, and you’ll be able to do that in your next position.” 2.) offering unrealistic expectations what not to say: “don’t worry, you’ll have a new job in no time.”what to say instead: “even though it may not seem like it now, there are jobs to be had.” 3.) questioning what went wrong what not to say: “what did you do that made them fire you?”what to say instead: “are you alright? is there anything i can do to help?" 4.) offering instructions on how to act or what to do what not to say: “you should put on a happy face and start applying for jobs now.”what to say instead: “i know a few people in your situation who had luck tapping into their network of contacts.” 5.) joking about the situation what not to say: “hey, at least you get to draw unemployment now!”what to say instead: “have you talked about what all your rights and benefits may be while you’re going through your transition period?"


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