Building a Software Company

wow, i remember how idealistic i was when i was about to bring on my first employee! after dealing with bad bosses over my career, after doing a whole lot of thinking about how i was going to be a great boss, and after doing a whole lot of reading about how to hire effective people, i was really looking forward to it. i was going to:-- hire people smarter than myself, who get things done!-- trust them to do their job, let them do their job and give them enough resources to do it!-- pay them well and offer great benefits! work at home! sure, why not?-- give people second chances! don't throw out resumes because of lack of buzzwords! or disjointed writing! or lack of education! it's all about smart people who get things done, not interviews or resumes or formalities! have an open mind!only problem was, i couldn't quite afford an employee yet.


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