7 Things Not to Say During a Job Interview

1.) don't compliment the interviewer's appearance in any waydon’t say: “i love your skirt!”what to say instead: “i enjoyed reading about your corporate achievements in the paper last month.”2.) don’t crydon’t say: “it was the hardest thing i ever went through, and i still break down just thinking about it.” what to say instead: “it was difficult, but we pulled through.”3.) don't talk about illnesses unless they’re relevantdon’t say: “my back is killing me, and this time of year is rough on my asthma.”what to say instead: “during the gap in my resume, i was recuperating from surgery, and it hasn’t been a problem since.”4.) don’t talk about problems at a previous company unless it’s to show how you persevereddon’t say: “i had so many problems with my former boss; he was a constant headache.”what to say instead: “i dealt with several problems, but worked through them all successfully.”5.) don’t force rapportdon’t say: “i see you have kids. i love kids!”what to say instead: “your offices are great. how long has your company been at this location?”6.) have no questions don’t say: “nope. i think you went over everything. see you later!”what to say instead: “i noticed that your company has won several awards. what do you think gives you that competitive edge?”7.) don’t say you were fireddon’t say: “at my last job, i got canned.”what to say instead: “it wasn’t a good fit at my last job, but i learned a lot about my skills and abilities and what i want to bring to my next position.”

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