25 top-paying companies

engineers at devon energy take home an average $178,305 total compensation annually. see which other best companies to work for offer big paychecks.
1. southern ohio medical center1 of 25average total pay: $490,647for: physician*
best companies rank: 36
how did a regional hospital network in the heart of appalachian ohio find its way to the top of our list of best paying companies? by offering strong pay to draw talented doctors, with an average salary of close to half a million dollars.

southern ohio sweetens the pot by matching employees' 401(k) contributions 100% up to 2% of salary and by offering perks such as its somc adventures, which include new york shopping sprees, caribbean cruises, visits to amish country, and dinner trips.

the company also pays generously for professional development as part of a grow-your-own philosophy: southern ohio reimburses tuition not only for employees, but also for their family members. internal candidates always get first dibs on open positions for which they are qualified. the proof is in the personnel: 31 of the hospital's 32 directors rose up from hourly staff positions.

From:  money.cnn.com

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